Richard Moss

Richard Moss

Business Development Executive for TOK North

Richard’s appetite for creativity started (and maybe peaked) when he won “Young Letter Writer of the Year” as voted by Royal Mail back in 1993, something that sits proudly alongside his greatest achievements. Now he wants to inspire the next generation to fulfil their potential, turning challenges into opportunities. Before joining TOK, Richard spent several years in the events industry, managing events across the globe and seeing first-hand how dreary meetings with PowerPoint presentations can have a negative impact on motivation and captivating an audience, so loves to find new ways to engage with people and leave a positive impression. In his spare time, Richard will challenge anyone to beat him on a music round in a pub quiz!

"Throw those curtains wide, one day like this a year will see me right."

Richard’s favourite band, Elbow, tell us how to approach each day.

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