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A great keynote speaker can entertain, enlighten and educate. They create a buzz, bring hope and can boost conference morale.

People love to hear real people talk about real life and we all know that the speaker you choose for your event can make the difference between a good event and a great event. Not one of our speakers has won a medal in the Olympics, not one has climbed a mountain and no one in our company has had to overcome any major adversity in life but they are some of the most natural, gifted and entertaining speakers around.

Our unique team of speakers will take your audience on the most wonderful journey of laughter and learning while engaging, challenging and inspiring them from beginning to end. Drawing from real life experiences our speakers create presentations that everyone can relate to. From warm-up sessions to mini workshops and keynote speeches to hosting our ‘Entertaining, Enlightening and Educating’ approach provides a fantastic experience that is memorable and one which delivers sustainable learning outcomes. We are proud of the fact that organisations all over the world use TOK services year after year and continue to offer first class feedback.

World-class conference keynote speakers are very rare. Awful keynote speakers are unfortunately very common and dreaded by conference participants everywhere.

A great keynote speaker can entertain, enlighten and educate. They create a buzz, bring hope and can boost conference morale.

At TOK our speakers grab onto the opportunity to take their audience on an intellectual and emotional journey, propelling them to a new place, position, or outlook. People often take action because of other people, and a keynote speaker has the opportunity to do exactly that. Our speakers know exactly how to make the most of this situation.

You may not remember everything our speakers say but you'll remember exactly how they made you feel.

“We have used Tree of Knowledge at our employee conferences for the last 2 years and they have proven to be a big hit with our workforce. First and foremost, they have boundless energy and enthusiasm which cannot fail to motivate and inspire and they instil a fun element into the event which has definitely been carried back to our workplace. Thank you so much for helping us on our journey of change.”

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Laura Gibson, Executive Assistant Castle Precision Engineering

“Over a two year period Tree of Knowledge delivered numerous presentations to our managers. TOK’s style of presentation is both engaging and incredibly entertaining. They have had a real impact on staff morale and feedback is always overwhelmingly positive. I strongly recommend Tree of Knowledge to other organisations”

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Colin Edgar, Head of Communication and Service Development, Glasgow City Council

“Gavin hosted our event and followed our brief to the letter – inspiring, motivating, adaptable and creative. He kept the audience energised and enthused throughout the day and was a joy to work with – top guy!”

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Karen Clark, Project Manager, Elevator

"Alice was amazing! She is a talented and charismatic speaker, and offered exactly the energy we were looking for to start the day. Thank you so much for helping to make such a difference to our event."

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Rebekah Goddard, Senior People & Learning Manager, British Red Cross

“TOK could not come highly enough recommended from the planning to delivery through to review of the programme’s success we have been delighted with their client centric approach and of course it has been great fun!!”

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Christopher Hogsden, Learning and Development Officer, Blackwood Housing Association

“Gavin was interesting, entertaining and thought provoking. He kept the audience engaged throughout and I know that just about everyone brought new attitudes, ideas or approaches back into the workplace. I would have no hesitation in recommending TOK to anyone who is thinking of using them”

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Martin Wright, Group HR Manager, Arena Group

"The rockstar of inspirational speakers"

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