New Class, Same Nerves


This is it, Teachers. You’re standing on the precipice of another academic year. The team at Tree of Knowledge are behind you all the way. We’ve put together three top tips for the year ahead.

Have a read, have a laugh, and good luck!

They’ll Like You (Eventually)

I remember on the first day thinking about the brilliant lessons, activities, resources etc I had planned for the class. It was going to be so good that they would go home thinking – ‘Wow, Mr Howie is the best teacher, I love him’.

What I actually discovered is that I spent most of the first day, thinking, ‘hang on – I think these guys preferred their teacher last year, I think they think they were cooler and more fun’.

I think a lot of teachers feel like that too, that the class are still thinking about their previous teacher and how good they were; they would chant in unison ‘THAT’S NOT HOW WE USED TO DO IT’.

And to be fair, I think a lot of teachers maybe spend a few weeks recalling how much better their last class were, and wishing they still had them! They knew the expectations, they knew how to line up and they always remembered to order their lunch.

The thing is, it takes time. It takes time to really develop that bond with the class and get them to know and love you. So stick in, spend time learning and laughing together, and discovering all the wee personalities in the class. It is so worth it!


I never realised this until I became a parent. I used to think that after the summer that everyone will come back refreshed and ready to rock! 

I have never been more wrong.

Basically, for the last six weeks the kids have been playing, racing about, eating nonsense, on devices, on planes, on other continents. They have had late nights, early mornings, and no matter how hard the parents try – they’ve had zero naps! None. Not one at all.

So they are shattered and always a moments away from tears.

And, as a parent, I will try, I’ll put them to bed early next week, but it will take its time. So, Mrs Ness and Mrs Perry, I’m really sorry about that.

But it is not just the kids – some teachers are coming back to work for a rest!! Real life, families, going on holiday, the expectation of relaxing, it is all draining.

So take time for yourself– don’t expect to be on it on day one. Footballers have pre-season to get up to speed, to get match-fit. It will take you (and the kids),  (and the parents) time too, but everyone will get there. 

Celebrate the Small Wins

Each day celebrate the small wins. Do it yourself, as a class, or as a staff.

Get a jotter (if you can get near the jotter cupboard), and each day note down three things that have gone well, three things you are grateful for.

For example:

  • I only lost five glue stick lids
  • Scott didn’t bite anyone in class today
  • The pupils smiled at my Sam Sandwich joke
  • I completed the register correctly
  • I got through the day

Over the year you will have a great memory of where you have been and what you have achieved.  But more importantly you will focus on the positives, these are often missed in amongst the difficulties and challenges in teaching. 

If you start finding moments in the day that have gone well, you will begin to find that more moments in the day are going well.

We’ve also got a huge amount of content on our Treehouse platform to support the mental heath & wellbeing of teachers all year round, covering themes including stress management, confidence, mindset and inspiration. They can be used individually and as groups as part of INSET days or team meetings. Check out this blog with more information, and contact [email protected] to set up an opportunity to explore Treehouse with one of our team.

So. Take a big deep breath…and JUMP IN!

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