Ask for feedback…

We know you get lots of feedback about your performance and undertaking rigorous self reflection about asking your team for specific feedback about your leadership is an excellent way to build your self awareness as a leader. 

If you are feeling brave enough, choose a few of the questions below and ask your team to give you feedback on them. It can be a bit scary asking for this kind of feedback, but the best leaders seek constant feedback, reflect on it and then consider how to integrate their learning into how they lead.

  • Is this leader effective at solving problems?
  • Does this leader treat others respectfully?
  • Do the actions of this leader inspire growth and development in others?
  • Is this leader able to resolve conflict in an appropriate manner?
  • Do you receive constructive and helpful feedback from this leader?
  • Is this leader available to provide help and feedback when you want it?
  • When making important decisions, does this leader consider the opinions of others?
  • Do you feel this leader sets clear direction that aligns with the school improvement plan?
  • Does this leader  always control emotions and behavior, even when faced with high-conflict or stressful situations?
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