Let’s consder a few more examples:

Toni writes the most amazing and gripping stories. However, he doesn’t feel comfortable to stand up and present in front of a group, even to read out his own work. Toni’s writing is not affected by this, it’s still outstanding and writing is written to be read anyway! Someone else can read it out for Toni if need be. 

Nabil has the ability to come up with the most weird and wonderful ideas and is always buzzing with energy and creativity. However, he isn’t able to organise his ideas very well – and that certainly doesn’t mean that his ideas are of any less value. Nabil’s ideas may turn out to be award winning and life changing, and he can always ask someone who is skilled in organising to help him out when he needs it. 

So you can see the point here; sometimes it can be tough for us to focus on our strengths without feeling that our weaknesses are of equal or of more importance. 

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