Warm up those headlights!

Ask all the children to turn on their headlights like in the video… Now it’s time to play a game and see how good their focus really is.

Shout out categories of things for them to shift their focus to. You might choose different colours for them to spot, different areas of the room, or if they are doing really well choose some really specific things for them to find, like a single letter of the alphabet, or a specific type of material.

Once they have done this, ask them to work in small groups. Put 10 random items from your class on the table in front of them. Ask the children to TURN OFF their headlights (Close their eyes) while one child removes one item. Once the item is removed, ask the children to turn their headlights on (open their eyes) and see if they can spot the missing item. If they are doing well, increase the number of items in front of them.

These warm up games are a great way to get children to shift and adjust their focus.

Using the language of HEADLIGHTS ON is a great way to signal to the class that you expect their attention to be on you or a specific task.

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