Let’s think forward in time. Specifically about the next 5-10 years of your life. What do they look like? What sort of image do you have for yourself? What kind of future do you want?

The impact of what you do with your time NOW, in the present, can have a massive impact on your life over a longer stretch of time. This can be summarised by thinking about a golfer taking a swing at a golf ball. At the exact moment of impact between the club and the ball, tiny differences in the angle of the golf club might not look that significant, they may not even be noticed. However, as the ball takes flight down the course, those tiny changes will make a huge difference in where the ball will eventually land.

The small changes in angle of the club are similar to the differences between spending your time effectively and wasting your time. Initially they don’t seem too different, and you’d be forgiven for thinking they won’t make much of a difference in the long run. But, just like the direction of the golf ball, these decisions can massively impact what direction our lives take in the long run. If angled incorrectly, it can lead us down a path where our targets, goals and successes never fully materialise and we’re left feeling sorry for ourselves, wondering why things never quite worked out the way we wanted them to. Alternatively, if angled correctly, it can lead us down a path of fulfilment, success, satisfaction, and ongoing growth.


As mentioned earlier, the average habit is made or broken through 21 days of repetition. So it may take a bit of effort, but with consistency and a firm vision of the long-term goal, you’ll start to see that hour or two of your day that you’ve clawed back from screens as hugely rewarding and fulfilling. Try it. Measure it. Keep it going, and keep your future self in mind.

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