Calculate your total daily screen time figure (phone + TV + tablet) from the previous task – is it more than eight hours? The chances are very likely that it is. If it’s less than eight hours then we want you to check all your figures are as accurate and honest as possible, and run the calculation again. If it’s still less than eight hours, well done – we’re proud of you.

What if you could reduce your current daily screen time? What if you could release just one more hour? One less hour spent looking at a screen. For those that are sitting at 8+, what if you could reduce it by two? What would you do with an extra two hours per day?

We want you to write down five extra things that you could accomplish on a weekly basis if you had two extra hours per day (that’s 14 hours per week!). These 5 things don’t all have to be academic or school related, but some can be if you want. Think about skills you could develop, hobbies you could explore further, and projects you could take on.

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