So, first things first. Your shop needs a name.

In small groups, get creative and come up with as many fun names for your statue shop as you can. These may include rhymes, puns or be simple and effective – anything goes!

Now it’s time to really get the creative juices flowing. This next activity will really help you to get in character for what comes later…

Choose one person form each group to stand at the front of the room. These people will now be our shop owners, the rest of the class will play reporters from the local newspapers who have just found out about a brand new statue shop opening in town.

Question time! Here’s some examples and remember, this is about getting in to the mind of a statue shop owner!

● What inspired you to sell statues for a living?

● How did you come up with the name of your shop?

● Is it just you that works here or do you have any staff?

● What are the best/worst parts about owning a shop? 

Add any other questions that you can make up yourselves!

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