So, this is one of our favourite games as it can be really silly.

All through life we are taught how important it is to ask for help and seek advice when we need it. Sometimes in life we can be given really silly advice that’s not mean to be silly. It’s all about asking the right people and the key is listening. Especially learning to listen to the right advice.

Asking for advice isn’t easy.

It takes guts, vulnerability, and the willingness to acknowledge a problem that you aren’t sure how to solve. For many, this can be a scary place…

Yet good advice can be life changing, especially when it’s coming from someone who’s already been in your shoes and succeeded.

In his video, Gav gave a quick example of the three roles for this game. Let’s call them the Advisors.

It is now over to you to create new problems and to give good, bad and WHAT?! advice to the people with the problems! 


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