Now, you might be wondering why Gavin is sharing this story with you in this module. Where’s the learning point, where’s the big underlying inspirational message?

We’ll, it’s this…

Some people aren’t very nice. Simple.

And in Gav’s story, his boss proved herself to be pretty unpleasant. She was being unfair. Maybe he should’ve told her she was being unfair. He was trying to be as professional about it as possible. It was an accident, a rather embarrassing one at that. But she chose to react the way she did. 

You see, the thing is we can all be rude from time to time. We can all misjudge our response to things occasionally.  

Being rude or unkind is like sitting your driving theory test. We all know the answers, but still, some fail. We know not to be rude, but sometimes we just are.

So don’t be unkind. If you know you’re being unkind, stop it. Gav’s boss knew she was being unkind and yet she kept doing it. 

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