In summary, if you’re keen to resist the temptations of your phone, study more and feel better about yourself then we highly recommend you follow these steps:

1)      Be more consciously aware of your screen time

2)      Set time aside to work on your other skills/goals/projects. Measure your time and your progress. Create a timetable for yourself with the extra hours you now have.

3)      View your screen more as a reward than as your norm or default setting.

4)      Always remember your time is limited and just not to be thrown away.

Always be mindful of time. It is very much on your side, not just because you’re younger and have more years ahead of you, but also because as a young adult you will have more time residing in each and every SINGLE day than an average adult.

This might help you to see your parents/guardians/carers in a brand new light! They have to think about things like kids, household DIY, cooking, cleaning, maintaining relationships and a lot of other things that are easy to take for granted as a young adult.

“Long story short- use your time well and and learn to appreciate your time at the stage of life you’re in; because you will never have more than you do right now.”


“Remember it’s not about making things less fun, its about being responsible and remembering your larger goals in life. It’s a responsibility to yourself.”

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