Let’s put all this into the context of your exams. Each day, it’s incredibly easy to use a chunk of your FREE TIME (bear in mind there’s 8 hours of it!) to develop your skillset, study or revise.

If you continually put screen time ahead of time for education/studying, make no doubt about it, it will lead to poorer results. But then you already know that don’t you?

It’s very unlikely that anyone, at the point of receiving poor results, will sit there and think:

 “Ah well, could’ve done better…but I’m really glad I spent all that time on Snapchat/my PlayStation/Netflix” or whatever you do with that time.

You can’t and won’t get that time back.

We challenge you right now to make a commitment to change. It won’t be easy, but then success never is!

Imagine if you spent just 1 hour out of your 8 free hours, each and every day studying, Monday-Friday.

That’s 5 hours a week.

That’s 20 hours a month!

Would your grades be better with an extra 20 hours of additional study each month!?

Of course they would!

You can do that and STILL have 7 hours left for other stuff. The beauty of this is that it’s entirely your choice.

 “It’s time to make a mature, responsible decisions to do what’s in your LONG-TERM best interests.”


Here’s some awesome tips (THAT ACTUALLY WORK) for getting off your phone when you should be studying:

1)      Ideally, give your phone to someone responsible for an hour, scary we know! But it’s only an hour! (turn off notifications if you think that person will be nosey!)

2)      You could just turn off notifications and put your phone on silent…but the temptation will be huge…tip no.2 is that you should really stick to tip no.1!

3)      If you must use tech for homework/studying, try to use a separate device, a laptop or tablet if you have one, or borrow someone else’s. Allow yourself to get into a more ‘study mindset’. You’ll get too distracted using your own phone.

4)      Try not to study anywhere where you typically sit on your phone (usually your bedroom) your brain will associate this space with your device, like tip 3, get into that ‘study mindset’ when you know if you go to ‘this’ room or sit at ‘that’ table, it’s your study time.

5)      Don’t be haunted by FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) again, it’s only 1 hour, you’ll catchup with what’s going on in the world and your friends soon enough, this is an hour you’re devoting to your goals and your future.

6)      Stay strong and prove to yourself how much will-power and self restraint you have! It will get easier the more you do it…and there’s gratification to be had in knowing you can stay in control.

All the best!

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