Ask each child to carefully deposit their collection of items into the container. Then go round the circle and ask each child to pick out 2 items in particular that evoked their senses and explain why they like that object.

After each child has added their items to the pot, explain that all their thoughts and energy have been put together to create a POSITIVE POTION full of wishes for other people. 

Now it’s time to add some water!

Explain that as you add the water to the potion it releases all the magical positive energy from the objects to create your positive potion!

Ask the children to think about what the potion looks like, smells like and even feels like once it’s all mixed together.

Explain that the potion is full of positive energy that they can send to other people as a wish. To do this they must dip their finger in the potion and sprinkle it around them while saying out loud what wish they would like to send the other person.

Start by telling the children who you would like to send a wish to, dip your finger in the potion and sprinkle it around you. For example “I would like to send my friend a hug”, or “I would like to send happiness to someone”. Focus on sending a feeling, not an item to the person.

Then give the children 1-2 minutes thinking time to think of someone they would like to send a positive wish to – but that the wish they have to send them is to be a feeling and not an item. 

Go around the circle and let each child share their wish and sprinkle their magic potion.

Perhaps you could capture each wish and display it on a board for people to see, or maybe you could record each wish and send it on?

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