Gemina the Guinea pig loves to swim. She always has, ever since she was a Guinea Piglet she has loves to splish splash in the water and loves nothing more than a trip to the beach.

One day Gemima was at the beach with her daddy, Geoffrey. She was having lots and lots of fun, paddling in the water and jumping over the waves. It was a little cold, so she had her special Guinea Pig wetsuit on. Have you ever seen a guinea pig in a wetsuit? It looks very silly! A white  fluffy head  with an apple shaped black splodge over one eye and little claws sticking out of that tight black wetsuit. But it kept her warm. She also had on her life jacket to keep her extra safe.

Gemima was jumping over waves having a great time when all of a sudden a big wave came in and knocked her over. The water washed over her as she swam and scrambled to get her feet back on the sand.

Gemima got a BIG FRIGHT and ran out of sea feeling very scared. She ran to her daddy who had been watching her from the shore. He gave her a big cuddle and said,

“My goodness Gemima, you are so brave, that must have been scary. Are you ok?”

Gemima replied: “That big bad wave knocked me over! I didn’t like it. I am NEVER going in the sea ever again”

Her daddy then said: “I know that must have been scary, but you are such a brave Guniea Pig and you love to swim. Just because something is a little scary sometimes doesn’t mean we should stop doing something that we love. Let’s go down to the water. We can hold hands and jump over the waves together.”

Gemima was a little unsure, but she took her Daddy’s hand and walked back down to the shore. She dipped in one claw, and then another and in no time her and her Daddy were jumping over the waves together. Even the big ones.

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