Hi everyone! And hello Percy! 

I hope you all enjoyed my performance as the voice of Percy the Pencil! I really enjoyed doing that, it was fun because it brought this wee piece of wood and lead to life! Poor Percy was terrified of getting sharpened! No wonder! So would I be if someone stuck my head in a hole and turned my body round while… oh no… I can’t even think about it!! Poor pencils!! Sorry Percy!! 

So basically, what I was doing there was using the pencil as a puppet, and I was providing the voice of the puppet.

It’s called a voiceover.

Do you know what a voice over is?

It’s when a person brings a character to life by using their voices. Sometimes it might be a cartoon character or like today, it might be a Percy!

Percy and I will say good-bye to you all just now so you can have a chat about voice-overs. 

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