Scientists have had to get creative with the ways in which they study the human brain and its thinking processes. The far less intrusive way of doing so is to put participants through various experiments that test their behaviour in order to infer what’s going on behind the scenes.

Over the years scientists have become quite good at this, resulting in many breakthroughs and interesting discoveries.

Here at Tree of Knowledge we love staying up to date with all the latest in psychological findings. One of our favourite books on the topic comes from Israeli psychologist Daniel Kahneman who published his incredible “Thinking, Fast and Slow” in 2011.

This book documented much of the work he and his colleagues had put in over the years to study the various “heuristics and biases” that are built into our minds. These mechanisms are effectively shortcuts that brains take so that they are able to comfortably navigate through the world, yet they are shortcuts that we are often blind to.

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