Cha Cha the Chameleon was a shy little thing. She didn’t like to stand out in the crowd. In fact, she would do everything she could to blend in. Being a Chameleon meant that when she wanted to blend in, she could really blend in.

This meant she was excellent at hide and seek, if she was hiding in the leaves she could use her magic to turn her whole body green. When hiding in the rocks her magic let her change to the exact colour of the rock she was on.

This was a very handy trick when playing this game, but sometimes she used her magic to blend in a little too much. Sometimes at school when she was feeling shy or nervous, she would use it to blend into the background. If the teacher asked the class a question Cha Cha would quickly use her magic to turn the same shade of blue as the carpet she was sitting on. When she wasn’t sure who to play with in the playground, she would make her-self blend in with the wall in the playground. She did this so often, that many of her classmates almost forgot she was even there. This meant that her classmates didn’t really get the chance to know her.

They didn’t know that her favourite game to play was lava tig. They didn’t know that she wanted to be a firefighter when she grew up. They didn’t know her favourite food was chocolate caramel ice cream. And they certainly didn’t know her favourite colour was purple. They didn’t know these things about Cha Cha because she spends so much time hiding.

But there was one thing that Cha Cha knew she wouldn’t be able to hide from.

Show and Tell.

It was her turn next week. Her teacher had asked everyone to bring something in from home that they loved and tell the class why they loved it. So far, Moff had told everyone about her most precious possession, Gemima had brought in her wetsuit, and Harris Tweed had brought in his favourite toy. They had all been so brave showing everyone their things and talking about it. But Cha Cha was really worried about standing up in front of everyone and talking about her favourite thing. What if she forgot what she wanted to say, or stumbled over her words?

Cha Cha had been worrying about it all week. Her Show and Tell was tomorrow and she knew she couldn’t hide much longer. That night she hardly ate any of her dinner. When she went to bed she couldn’t get to sleep. She had a funny churny feeling in her tummy. In the morning Cha Cha tried to blend into her bed covers but her Mummy and Daddy knew all her tricks and said it was time for her to get up and go to school.

Cha Cha’s Daddy walked her to school. As he said goodbye he handed Cha Cha her favourite fire engine and said, “Good Luck with Show and Tell today! Just take a deep breath before you start and I am sure your true colour will shine through”.

Cha Cha smiled a weak smile and dragged her feet on the way into school. The day seemed to pass slower than ever as she waited for it to be Show and Tell time. Eventually, after PE, maths, playtime and reading, it was time. Cha Chas teacher sat everyone down and asked Cha Cha to come up to the front of the class.

Cha Cha felt like she was frozen to the spot, but with a little encouragement she found herself standing at the front of the class. The only problem was no one could see her as she had turned the same colour as the wall behind her. All they could see was the bright red fire engine in her hands. She was quiet for a moment then she remembered her dad’s advice.

“Take a deep breath before you start.”

So, she did, and then she started to tell the class all about her fire engine. She told them it was her favourite fire engine and that she wanted to be a firefighter when she was older, she told them all about the adventures she had with the fire engine putting out imaginary fires with all of her teddies. She even told them that she had built them a firehouse out of blocks where all her toy firefighters loved to have a bowl of chocolate caramel ice-cream, which just happened to be her favourite. Her class were amazed and loved hearing all about it.

While Cha Cha was talking something magical, or rather, nothing magical happened. Cha Cha was enjoying telling her classmates all about her fire engine so much that she forgot to try and blend in with the background. She changed colour from the weird yellowy white of the wall behind her to the most magnificent purple.

Her father was right, she took that deep breath in and her true colours did shine through.

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