Ask the children to draw themselves in the rocket at the window.

Then give them some paper stars. The children can have as many stars as they do dreams. Ask the children to draw each of their dreams on a different star.

Children might draw a musical instrument so they can be in a band, an animal they would love to work with, some sports equipment, an aeroplane to go travelling in, the uniform and/or tools of a worker. 

When everyone one is ready its time for each child to share their dream and learn that of another child.

They could go outdoors and fly with their rockets and ask their peers as they zoom around. Let them know that you will be asking them to remember someone else’s dream. Or to ensure everyone’s dream is heard, you can allocate each child the name of a peer whose dream they’ve to find out about. 

Once you have finished flying the rockets why not use the stars and the rockets to make an amazing wall display.

However you choose to share your dreams, always remember to dream big!

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