Becoming BIONIC

When we think about being bionic we might think about robots or prosthetic limbs. These have been designed to function as if they were real. But today we are going to look at being BIONIC from a slightly different point of view. Today is about setting yourself some BIONIC goals or:

Believe It Or Not I Can 

Goals about ourselves and how we can help our body’s function better!

Start the conversation by exploring what the the class already know about our body’s basic needs.

These will probably relate to sleep, diet and exercise.

Ask the children what they feel they are doing well at and why.

Then ask if there are any things they think they could do better.

e.g. getting to bed earlier; drinking more water, eating less sugary snacks, choosing better drinks, no screens/technology for the hour leading up to bedtime, getting 5 a day… 

Then challenges them to commit to this by creating a BIONIC Goal. 

Each child’s chosen goal will complete the sentence ‘Believe It Or Not I Can…’

e.g. Believe It Or Not I Can drink 1.5 litres of water per day.

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