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By Chris Donnelly


This is a blog for all you teenagers out there who have some spare time. Not that long ago I was in the same position as you, I needed hard cash. There’s only so long that we can scrounge off our parents, grandparents, siblings… Maybe even the dog. There comes a time when we need to go and get a job. Not like a full-time job, but a job to earn some cash when you’re still at school/just left school. The thought of having to write a CV, then go around all the local shops, cafés, restaurants and soft play areas in your town probably doesn’t sound that appealing. But here are my top 3 reasons for going out there and getting a job as a school pupil:




Let’s face it, life as a teenager can be quite expensive. Clothes, trainers, parties, gigs, festivals, holidays, prom, leavers hoody, year book and anything else that crops up. If you want any of those things, then someone is going to have to pay for it. There is only so much a parent is going to be able to fork out, they’ve got their own social life to take care of you know. By getting some work, you’re going to be able to pay for your lifestyle, and get your parents off your back about getting a job! It’s your money, so you can decide how to spend it! Want those Trnsmt tickets? No problem! You’re only a few shifts away from having them paid for. Want some driving lessons so you can look cool driving to McDonalds for lunch in your Mum’s car? Better get a job to pay for them then! Or do you just want a McDonalds as a passenger in your pal’s car? Get that CV handed out. You’re going to take the strain off of whoever currently pays for everything, and it will feel good spending money that YOU’VE earned.



Apart from the money being paid into your bank account, you’ll become richer in other ways too. The amount you learn is quite amazing when you start working with other types of people. People from different backgrounds, people of different ages, and the dreaded general public. You’ll notice your communication skills getting better, including verbal, listening, and being able to read people’s body language. Your time management, work ethic and transferable skills will also all vastly improve. College, university, and apprenticeship applications will be massively boosted if you have a part time job on there. You’re going to be competing against hundreds, maybe thousands of other applicants, so you need to stand out. On the job you’ll also make some new friends, maybe even meet a boyfriend to girlfriend! Your social skills will improve, and you’ll have money to be able to socialise with your new, and existing pals.



This might not be what you’re wanting to hear, but part time jobs for the likes of school pupils don’t tend to be the most glamorous of jobs. I have delivered newspapers in the snow, worked 16 hour shifts in a hotel in the middle of a heatwave, and shovelled pig poo in the rain. Between the ages of 14 and 22 I had a number of part time jobs, some I hated, but some I loved. When all your pals are out at a party, but you’re working behind the bar at a wedding earning minimum wage, it’s a no brainer what sounds better. But trust me, see the jobs you don’t enjoy, it really makes you appreciate the career you’ll eventually end up with. I can look back and know that all those shifts I hated at the time were worth it, because ultimately, they helped me to become the person that I am! (Oh yeah, and you’ll still get to the party, just a bit later!)

I know an internationally travelled greenkeeper who flipped burgers when they were at school. I know an accountant who once worked in a soft play area as a student. I know a software developer who used to wash dishes. Trust me, hard work pays off. You might not enjoy it at the time, you might have to miss out on a couple of social events with your pals, and you might get sore feet from a long shift. But the life experience you’ll gain will be invaluable.

If you want any advice on getting a job while you’re at school or as a student, feel free to email Chris at, or contact him through Twitter @Chris_TreeOf.


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