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It’s the Law to Jump in Puddles…

By Alice Beveridge


I have very outdoorsy kids. Rain or shine they want to be outside. Making mud pies, playing on their bikes, running around, building dens. That’s my pair. Sometimes if I’m lucky they even accompany me when walking the dog. If I am honest this usually ends in skint knees, tears and the dogs questioning why their walk was cut short, again.

Last week, it rained all day. Not just a little drizzle, I’m talking about proper rain. Scottish rain. The kind that soaks you to the skin. The type that redefines waterproof. The kind that is so ferocious it isn’t happy to just hit you once, it also likes to bounce back up once it’s hit the ground to get you a second time. The rain so bad even my two resigned themselves to day of being stuck inside.

But at 3pm a miracle occurred. The rain stopped, the clouds separated, and some desperate rays of sunshine broke through. Before I know it, the kids were getting their boots on, the dogs perked up and we were off. My youngest decided to bring his wee balance bike. At 2 and a half he is getting pretty quick on it so is often away ahead of us. Today he was lagging behind a bit. I kept calling his name but he seemed torn.

All of a sudden he ran towards me carrying his bike. He handed it to me and started running back to where he came from shouting “come on Mummy!” Mildly exasperated, I called my daughter back, and much to the dogs disgust we turned around and followed. He stopped in front of a massive puddle. And I mean massive. The kind that Dr. Foster would step into and it would be so deep that children would be forced to sing a nursery rhyme that doesn’t rhyme for the rest of time…

He turned to look at me. Held out a hand beckoning me closer. He held the other out to my daughter and shouted “Dump!” (that’s 2-year-old for jump). And we did. We jumped and splashed and laughed and played, properly played, in that massive puddle for about 10 minutes. The smiles on their faces were matched only by the smile on mine.

On the way back to the house, totally soaked from head to toe, I said to the kids “that was fun”, my daughter replied with “no Mummy, that’s the law.” How do you argue with that?


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