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Mind De-Clutter: 5 Things to Stop Telling Yourself

By Rebecca Brown


It’s so easy to achieve peace of mind and calmness during weekends and vacations. Rarely are our minds full of junk and toxic thoughts when we are watching a movie on a cosy couch with a socializing with a group of friends. When we have a support system and enjoy our time doing something creative or relaxing, our self-critic is resting as well. It’s the busy and hectic workday schedule that catches us by surprise and starts a vicious circle of negative self-talk that paralyses our attempts to be productive at work, to be caring and understanding in our relationships and to fulfill a complete set of tasks.

Most of our mind junk comes from the limiting beliefs that are again, created by the lies we started to believe and kept telling ourselves. In most cases, we are so accustomed to this behaviour that most of us find it hard to even recognize the negative thoughts as something unwanted and unnatural, let alone to recognize the pattern behind it, nor the possibility for a change. Even though this state affects a large number of us around the world, there are ways to move past it and to clear our minds from the unnecessary noise that keeps us from reaching our fullest potential. Here are 5 things to stop telling yourself in order to de-clutter your mind.

I Can’t

How many times have you heard that inner voice telling you this when you were faced with a challenge or a new situation in any area of your life? Again, the self-limiting beliefs are trying to keep us in a comfort zone that is far away from our deepest desires and dreams. Next time, instead of giving up too soon, try to stop and give yourself some time to actually analyse the situation. Try to determine if something is really beyond your possibilities or could it be that you are too scared to even try. Or, is the right answer “I won’t”. Either way, don’t let the autopilot process to run your life, but take charge and become open to new things. You may be surprised to find out the hidden talents and opportunities waiting for the more courageous you.

I’m Too Old/Young for This

The second destructive belief to get rid of is the ageism trick. You are the one determining what is wrong and right for you. Each time you are ignoring a desire or a call to action from your soul due to this false belief, you are handing your life over to others to run it. Most people do, especially when it comes to believing they are too old for something and that it’s too late to start a business, fall in love, own a house or get the education they want. Either way, you need to realize where these rules come from and if you are really ready to wake up in your eighties and realize that your life was dictated by some false values and silly guidelines and start living your life on your own terms and timelines.

I Should Be More Serious

Letting yourself go and being silly, emotional or just moody at times can be so liberating and good for your inner child. Yet, the inner-critic whose voice sounds too much like your parent’s won’t let you have those moments. As with most of the cluttering thoughts and beliefs, this is a by-product of our interpretation of some societal norms, and as with all of those, we need to decide if we are going to live by someone else’s expectations. Honestly, no one cares if we are being silly, laughing too loud or crying in public. It’s completely up to us if we are going to let all of our beautifully human range of emotions out, or if we are going to force ourselves into a robot-like restraint.

I’m Not Good Enough

Again, start from understanding where this belief came from. Maybe from your family, teachers at school or peers. Either way, you have taken it as a truth. Working on you improving some of your shortcomings is a perfectly healthy approach, yet completely denying your self-worth leads to a life of misery. Surround yourself with positive and uplifting people who will help you to realize how smart, loving, good and capable you are.

Instead of focusing on the little imperfections and turning them into huge sources of insecurities, concentrate on your best features and appreciate the unique form you came in. Replace your usual nit-picking routine with a pamper routine that shows love, appreciation and make time for you.

My Dreams Are Way Too Unrealistic

Finally, don’t let the current circumstances or others’ opinion convince you that there is anything impossible. In most cases, people are talking from their own perspective, and no one has your ideas, your motivation and perspective to be able to make predictions about your projects. It can sound scary at times, yet it should not stop you since the regret for not even trying would be much more difficult to face. Make sure to immerse yourself in success stories and positive examples and to courageously step into the life of possibilities where dreams come true.


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