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By Chris Donnelly


There seems to be a ‘National (fill in the blank) Day’ for everything these days. And pets are no exception to that. Today is National Love Your Pet Day! 49% of adults in the UK own a pet, with over 21 million furry beasts running around our homes (PDSA PAW Report, 2018). If you’re in the small majority who don’t currently own a pet, the chances are that you’ve previously owned a pet, been begged by your child for one, or been forced to awkwardly look at pictures on your colleagues’ phone of their “cute” puppy…

One of the best things about pets is that they always seem to have the BEST DAY EVER! You never see a miserable looking dog when they’re running around a field with a tree in their mouth, or a sad cat when they’re chasing a ping-pong ball do you? Perhaps we could learn a lot from our pets.

These seemingly worry-free cats and dogs of course don’t have the same stresses and responsibilities that we have. I’ve yet to hear about a dog being approved for a mortgage (it’s 2019 though so you never know…) or a cat going off work on long term absence due to stress. Pets can of course get stressed out if they’re scared of something, but they don’t stress the small stuff.

In my case, I had been wanting a cat for quite a while, but my girlfriend wasn’t so keen… However, after a visit to the local SSPCA Centre, wee Didi the 9-year-old Bengal came home with us. Now we’re 7 months down the line and deciding to bring Didi home was one of the best decisions we made in 2018. Didi has never looked stressed since we brought her home. Not even that time we were about to walk out the door to go on holiday for 2 weeks, and Didi had managed to shut herself inside the bedroom wardrobe… I mean, how can that wee face ever get stressed?

In many of our Tree of Knowledge workshops we talk with audiences about their ‘silly stress’. You know, the things in life that stress you out, but really shouldn’t. I get stressed out about situations that I create in my own head that have never even happened. Have a think, you’ll have your own silly stresses that are just plain daft! The TV volume being on an odd number is a common one. We don’t need such stresses in our lives! The good news for our pets is that they haven’t evolved enough to have silly stress. Lucky wee beasts!

If you’ve ever taken part in a sport in public, then there’s probably been occasions when you’ve been really self-conscious. The first time you went out running and thought every person that drove past was judging you, or when you’ve played golf and the group in front of you let you play through and you had to hit your tee shot with them watching. The truth is, nobody cares. Nobody cares about the way you run, and nobody cares about the slice you just hit with your driver. You’re being stressed for no reason.

Back to pets. We’ve all had a laugh at a dog playing fetch and losing the ball, or a cat falling off a 6 foot fence (and landing on its feet of course). Do they care what we think of them in that moment? Of course not! They’re in their own wee world doing their own thing, and they are loving it! It’s just something that they do. Can you imagine if our pets got stressed out about being stuck in traffic on the way to the best walk ever, or stressed out about what people think of them when they’re bounding about the park? The world would be a very strange place. Pets would be spending their time with their therapists, instead of playing outside with their humans.

Our pets don’t have silly stress, or care about what people think of them, and neither should we! Embrace the “BEST DAY EVER” approach that our pets do. Stop stressing about the small stuff, and stop caring about what people think of you. If you’re having fun and bettering yourself, then continue to do so without fear of judgement. So go on, give your wee (or massive) pet a cuddle, look them in the eyes, and tell them that you’re going to have THE BEST DAY EVER!


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