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Tackling Silly Stress: One Pizza Slice at a Time…

By Stuart Fenwick


It can sometimes feel like everything out there has its own self-dedicated day. More often than not, these don’t actually mean anything and they barely deserve an hour, never mind a day. Every so often, however, there comes along a celebration that should be given its own week, everyone should take time off work (even the emergency services) and we should just take the time to appreciate and admire the sheer wonder of the celebrated item.

With that in mind, I wish you a very Happy National Pizza Day.


How this day can only be ‘national’ given pizza’s worldwide popularity is beyond me. In fact, how it can be only ‘happy’ is beyond me. Surely something like elation or Nirvana would cover it more accurately…

I actually find pizza to be inexplicably popular – so much so I had to Google how it had grown into a £106 billion industry.

There are many theories out there, but my personal favourite actually credits the first and second World Wars, and the mass migration that followed with the spread of the dish. Whether true or not, it leads me to a wonderful theory – Pizza is the key to world peace.

Get all the world leaders round a table and just get a whole bunch of Domino’s (other pizza specialists are available) ordered. Stuffed crust, different flavours, different sauces on the base with plenty of the garlic and herb dips to go with it. People will be tearing and sharing their way to unity.

That’s only a theory of course. There is inevitably one thing that could take us from world peace to World War 3.

Pineapple. On. Pizza.

Those three words have already created a split amongst readers, but I’m going to say it right now. Not only do I like pineapple on pizza, it’s quite possibly my favourite topping.

Now that I’ve got rid of half the people reading this blog, allow me to make my real point.

Whilst it probably won’t quite lead to a third World War, I want you to think about how extreme some people’s reactions are to the thought of pineapple as a topping on pizza.

Let’s just go through that again – some people will lose their rag at the thought of a topping on a pizza.

Someone else’s topping on a pizza.

If that doesn’t sum up how we let the insignificant affect our lives every day then I don’t know what does.

Let’s use this opportunity to have a think about all the other silly little things we let dominate our thoughts every single day and the impact that actually has. No more worrying about the number of the volume on the TV or which order the pillows should go in on the bed.

It might only be a little 2 minute freak out. But if we do that twice that’s 4 minutes. If we have several that can be maybe an hour of our day spent stressing about things as basic as toppings on a pizza.

It’s well known that there are always going to be things in life that do actually deserve your thinking and your attention. The intention of this is not to belittle these things such as health, family and the rest.

In fact, if anything, it’s to get rid of all the other stuff so we can actually spend time focusing on what is important; things that do actually merit our thoughts.

So this (inter)national pizza day, allow yourself to switch off a little. Get some friends or family, order whichever pizza you want and just tuck right in. Don’t let anything else dominate your thoughts other than the time spent with loved ones and the opportunity to tuck into one of the greatest foods on the planet. I’ll have ham and pineapple.

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