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Recognising Bad Habits

By Tony McNicoll

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Life is tough,

And full of stuff

Talk Hard, Stan Ridgway


Bad habits are like queue-jumpers. Whilst waiting patiently, you observe them sidle up then cunningly cut in front of everyone. You know they’re there but it can feel more hassle than it’s worth to sort them out. The awkwardness, the emotional outbursts, the sudden responsibility to keep the peace afterwards…

So why bother? You’re already held up which is, of course, a pain in the neck and the aftermath of facing them down puts everything on you to sort out when it’s them who caused the whole rumpus/ruction/ruckus/riot in the first place!

But the Bad Habits are in your head so you must have invited them in! It’s down to you to kick them out to achieve what you want to achieve and be as happy as you can be.

You know that!

So why are they still there?

Mindset guru Carol Dweck may suggest that you are using a Fixed Mindset and are lulling yourself into a false sense of security convinced that kicking the Bad Habit is actually impossible for you to accomplish right now. So best leave it for when your universe aligns more favourably. Which should be any day now, right?

Emotional Intelligence expert and best-selling author of “The Chimp Paradox” Steve Peters might want you to consider that your powerful “Chimp Brain” is focussing on short-term pleasure at the cost of your “Human Brain” guiding you towards long-term goals. Could you calm your chimp with a specific amount of music, food or conversation and then sort it out? Or does one snack lead to another?

Positive Psychology authority Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi could challenge you to seek your Flow to blast past your barriers. His colleague Martin Seligman would urge you to complete tasks using your unique skills to improve engagement and focus.


 You still have Bad Habits!

Strangely enough, what we perceive in ourselves as Bad Habits can be seen by others as part of our character, just foibles that express our individuality. Of course, these foibles may start off cute but end up endlessly infuriating! Hopefully, in long-term relationships, those foibles go back to endearing again!

Your Bad Habits may be something about you that only frustrates you, or it may be a frustration to others. Either way, if they start to prevent you from progressing and reaching forwards to grasp your future, something must be done!

It’s not about changing who you are, it’s about making what you do more effective. And in so doing, making you more effective.

So. Take a deep breath then let it out. Let all the rubbish out with it. Admit to yourself that what you’re doing is holding you back.

Then use any excuse you like to call-out the queue-jumpers, put them in their place – at the back – and get ready to get back to getting awesome.


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1 Comment

  • Stephen M Dickman January 22, 2019

    This morning I couldn’t help but notice the 5 teachers standing around before the first bell, discussing why they feel we should have been dismissed for a snow day due to the ice and cold weather. I couldn’t help but feel the emotional toll that it was taking on one of the teachers in particular. I feel this mindset, this “always looking for the easy way out” mentality is the bad habit you speak of. I quickly thought to myself, I feel so bad for your mind as it lays dormant, stuck in a “whoa is me state of being”. Rather than realizing, we didn’t have a day off, because it wasn’t that bad & we all made it….yes it is cold. However the cold feeling upon your bones, is simply a reminder that you are ALIVE! Hopefully none of the children heard this moping. Because they will buy exactly what we sell them! So sell them a smile and “Embrace the Suck” you speaketh of! If they see you moping, you will sell them moping. Sell them passion, power, and perseverance. It’s not easy….that’s why they need you to help them. Life is tough….but so are you!

    I am glad to be here and ready to attack the day! HOOYAH!!

    Steve from Ohio.

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