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Sailing the Sea of Positivity…

By Team TOK


Positive Mental Attitude or PMA is considered an internal focus of control that influences external factors. Now that sounds very technical and serious and that’s not my style…

So… Instead, I’m going to talk about my interpretation of PMA. For me, it’s what keeps me feeling good when people try to bring me down. Some people keep themselves feeling good with inspirational quotes that they can relate to. Some people exercise to de-stress and others listen to music to help them relax. We all do the things that make us feel good, but PMA is a little bit more than that. PMA is about keeping that feel good feeling even when others try to bring you down and be negative.

This can be a challenging feat for anyone; we all have times when we feel other people get us down.

Perhaps somebody makes a comment about something that you’ve been working really hard on, maybe it’s something new you’re trying. It upsets you. We’ve all had this at some point.

First of all, I want to talk a little bit about failure. People think that failure is terrible, you even hear people say, failure is not an option. Well… that’s rubbish. Failure isn’t only necessary, but if you view it in a positive light it can actually be pretty awesome and useful. Failure is the reason we can do what we do. It is how we learn; we learn from our mistakes and improve. So the next time you fail at something, don’t be upset or annoyed about it, accept it and think what could you have done better and learn from it. Maybe it was because you didn’t meet the expectations you had of yourself and that’s why you’re more upset rather than the fact of failing itself. That’s okay, we can learn from it.

I want to get you using your imagination right now; you can use this whenever you feel yourself start to take on other people’s negative comments. Imagine that your mental attitude is like a boat, a positivity boat, and that boat is sailing the sea. Sounds nice right? Now the sea is all the negative comments that people say, it’s all the things that get us down from time to time. But that doesn’t matter because we are sailing on our lovely positivity cruise liner, or even your own private positivity yacht.

Things are going great; we’re feeling amazing and sailing away. But when someone makes a comment on a day when you’re maybe not feeling as great and you accept that comment; that’s the water starting to come in. When you accept someone else’s negative comment about you or yourself, you’re letting that negative water start to come into your boat. The more we listen to other people that are trying to bring us down, the more and more water we’re letting in until the point of no return. You’ve accepted other people’s opinion of you as fact and you feel there’s nothing you can do. You feel rubbish. Our boat has sunk. But that’s okay; we’ve found ourselves paddling in the water with the people that were trying to bring us down. This may seem pretty rough but actually, it’s not that bad, we have the power to change that. We have the power to rebuild our boat, making it stronger. We can do the things we love that make us happy. Maybe it’s running, having a conversation with loved ones or spending time with a pet will help improve your mental state. Once we start to make ourselves feel better we then become more optimistic and the more we are questioning the way we feel we start to quickly rebuild our positivity boat, we’re not letting others comments affect us anymore. Now we are back to where we want to be, feeling great and ready to take on the world.

But sailing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, maybe some of you get seasick, but I know there’s something that everyone likes. Cake. Everyone likes a bit of cake, so if imagining a boat doesn’t work for you I want you to think of this: You are eating a cake and it’s the most delicious cake ever and you’re enjoying every bite, wishing it could go on forever (we’ve all been there right? No? Just me…). Then someone makes this comment: “That cake is disgusting and you shouldn’t be eating it”. Would you stop eating the cake even though it was the best thing you’ve ever tasted a few moments ago? No probably not.

So why do we let other people’s opinions and comments about us influence how we feel about ourselves? We are quick to accept other people’s comments and opinions about us and make that become reality, we let other people sink our boat. We even let them ruin our cake.

I challenge you. The next time someone says something that is negative, and you feel it could affect your mental positivity, think to yourself:

Does their comment matter?

Does it really affect me in any way?


All day you have the power to decide how you feel, you can wake up and swim in the sea of negativity, or you can sail on your boat and have a blast and enjoy being you. These are some of my ways of staying positive when things get difficult. So try not to dwell and bring others down, let’s enjoy ourselves and help others where we can. So go. Sail the seas of positivity and go eat that delicious cake.

You are the one who decides how you want to feel…


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