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What to do When You Feel Out Of Your League…

By Nicola Orr


My blog post today was inspired by a few conversations I’ve had recently with some teacher friends. It is about feeling ‘out of your league’.

The dictionary meaning of this goes along the lines of – someone or something being ‘too good’ compared to you or ‘too good’ for you to have. Sound familiar?

Recently I’ve found myself feeling ‘out of my league’ more and more. Particularly in my job. It probably has something to do with the fact that I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I tend to overthink… everything. Even right now, whilst writing this blog post, I am thinking – ‘has anyone else written about this before?’ and ‘will anyone be interested to read what I have written?!

I also think that I’ve been influenced to feel this way through social media. It’s one thing to feel confident, comfortable and competent inside your own classroom (school, business etc.) but when you can gain easy and immediate access to a network full of influential professionals in your position, it can be a bit overwhelming! Although, I do genuinely believe that this is actually a wonderful asset to have and very often use social media for inspiration, ideas and encouragement from my fellow supportive edu-professionals. However, I had to highlight this point of feeling ‘out of your league’, not feeling ‘good enough’ and wondering what on earth you have to offer compared to everyone else?!

It’s part of human nature to have the desire to connect, to feel socially accepted. We are part of a generation that takes pride in likes, comments and retweets (if J.K Rowling responded to me on Twitter, I can assure you I’d squeal like a high-pitched teenager). So, you join social media platforms aiming to share what you can do. However, sharing your ideas, views and practices can leave you in a pretty vulnerable position. People may disagree. You might not get the recognition or appreciation that you wanted and so you go back to comparing yourself to the edu-celebrities (or social media high fliers) and wonder why you bothered in the first place?!

As much as I’d love to offer a solution, utter the ‘reparo’ incantation (Harry Potter geekiness at large here) to fix the self-doubt, instead I am going to reveal what I have discovered. This is perfectly normal. Not that you’d trust the word ‘normal’ coming from someone that uses a Harry Potter reference at any given opportunity…

I absolutely believe that we need more teachers (and other professionals really!) sharing their ideas and creativity to continually inspire the world.

Some people may have similar ideas but that doesn’t undermine what you have come up with or the impact it has had on your pupils/school or business.


You absolutely have everything to offer!


So when you find yourself feeling outclassed and ‘just not good enough’ maybe stop scrolling social media and remind yourself that YOU ARE. No one shares their bad days on social media. Their failures. The lessons that made them think, ‘well I’m glad that wasn’t an observation!’ Although, imagine how differently things could be if they did?

Remind yourself just what you can do. Show what you can do! But most importantly, know what you can do.

What have you got to lose?


Put that cloak on, turn to page 394 and don’t let anyone dull your magic!



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