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A Pretty NEAT Work Experience…

By Louise Paul


Hello, I’m Louise and I am the Queen of Stress! I’m a University student who has recently been on work experience with Tree of Knowledge…


I always feel stressed. Whether it’s as small as turning off every switch (stress), deciding what to prioritise today (stress), university assignments (stress), applying for jobs (stress) or making a decision (stress). I am always stressed!

It felt ironic that my week with TOK focused on, yes you guessed it, stress.

During my week’s work experience I discovered that I am not the only one who suffers from stress. Whether its good stress, bad stress or even just silly stress, we all suffer from stress at some point in our lives. That doesn’t mean that only adults suffer from stress. It means that all humans, regardless of age or circumstance, can suffer from some form of stress.

But that’s not all…


I learned that we have a human brain AND a Chimp brain!

Everyone has an inner Chimp that thinks independently from you.

You’re not responsible for the nature of your Chimp but you are responsible for managing it.

When stress hits, your inner Chimp will always react first. It isn’t possible to control this and sometimes it will save your life. For example, if you walk out in front of a bus your inner Chimp will jump in, take action and will make you jump out of the way. Your Chimp just saved your life!

So, how does your Chimp react to stress?

My Chimp goes at a million miles an hour, calculating how many minutes I have until I have to go to bed and how much I can fit in until then. It’s quicker and stronger than your human brain, taking over, making you feel like you can’t control it. But you can!

Here’s a neat way (literally…) to learn how to control your Chimp:




Taken care of


It’s NORMAL to have Chimp outbursts and times where you struggle to manage.

So, EXPECT it to happen every so often.

Let’s ACCEPT that we aren’t perfect – and your inner Chimp is very powerful.

And TAKE CARE OF the outbursts – forgive yourself, do some exercise and relax.

This is only one out of the many things I learned this week.

One week. Five schools. Four Tree of Knowledge speakers. A whole lot of lessons learned. And… one less-stressed student!



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