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We Planted More than 1,000 Trees to Say THANK YOU!

By Team TOK


Last week our team got together to plant MORE than 1,000 trees in support of the wonderful campaign, The John Muir Trust. We grabbed our outdoor gear and hit the road for Braes of Foss!

The John Muir Trust launched the Heart of Scotland Appeal in a bid to create a thriving woodland corridor that stretches across more than 3,000 hectares between Schiehallion and Loch Tummel.

At Tree of Knowledge we are making a more conscious effort to doing our bit for the planet and pushing ourselves to be more environmentally friendly. With this in mind, we are taking our office supplies and workshop materials into consideration and making small changes which will hopefully lead to a bigger and better change overall.

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We are also continuously inspired by our vision and values. Our vision is to Inspire the World and this ranges from inspiring people surrounding our HQ’s doorstep, to leaving a long-lasting impact on those attending our workshops. We strive for positive change and to ultimately make the world a better place. We also constantly ask ourselves, “what is our legacy? What do we want to leave behind?”

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The New Zealand All Blacks have a saying: ‘plant trees you’ll never see’. We may never meet those who were in our workshops again, but we can leave proud, knowing we have made a positive difference to someone’s day. As a company, we wanted to take this phrase more literal and give back to our planet by planting trees.

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We have ran an incredible 1,500 motivational sessions in 2018 so planting a number of trees is an excellent way to mark this milestone while giving something back and making a lasting and positive impact on the environment. It’s also a memorable opportunity to honour and thank every organisation and school that we have worked with so far this year.

As a company we continuously aim to inspire every person in our workshops, from primary to corporate, so that they can leave being a better person not only for themselves but for the world.

Artwork inspired by our team day. Created by TOK Research Assistant, Helen Redman.

We had a great day working together and doing something that wee bit different!