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Our First EVER Primary Residential!

By Team TOK

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Something exciting is taking place over on the Isle of Arran. Something different, unique and, most importantly, something inspiring.

We have joined forces with three West Lothian primary schools for the first ever TOK Primary Residential. This fantastic experience will bring together 35 pupils from St. Columba’s, Our Lady’s and St. Thomas’ Primary School on the Isle of Arran, 4th – 7th of September.

Over the four days, pupils will take part in a range of memorable experiences including archery, problem-solving, gorge walking, abseiling, raft building and orienteering. The trip also includes sessions led by our inspirational speakers. The residential programme provides an opportunity that forms friendships, builds confidence and creates a truly unique learning experience for Scotland’s young people.

The residential programme was formed six years ago and has included schools from across different authorities taking part in team building games, outdoor sports and adventures, and the ever-popular fire-walking experience. In the past, TOK has worked with authorities such as Fife Council and, most recently, North Lanarkshire Council.

TOK Residential has evolved over the years and has progressed from being an authority wide programme, to now being offered on an individual basis to schools. Airdrie Academy and Stranraer Academy are two of the first secondary schools in Scotland to take part in the school-wide programmes later this year.

2018 marks the first ever Primary Residential and the three schools taking part will be the first primary schools in Scotland to have this memorable experience. Headteachers from St. Columba’s, Our Lady’s and St. Thomas’ jumped at the chance to get involved in such a highly-acclaimed programme and consider this a fantastic opportunity to be a part of.

In light of this, we will also be running our first ever Inspirational Leadership Conference at The Scottish Learning Festival (SEC Glasgow) this September (more on that here!). As part of this special event, the pupils who are taking part in our residential will present their stories, sharing with everyone how they got on with their island adventure and explaining the impact that this experience has had on them.


The TOK Residential is a fantastic experience for all young people involved. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn, challenge themselves and have a huge amount of fun. And, of course, they get to visit one of the most beautiful places in the world.

 Gavin Oattes | Managing Director, Tree of Knowledge


And they’re off…


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