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10 Ways To Have More Fun

By Cameron Gibson


All of us here at Tree Of Knowledge firmly believe that every single day should be great fun. Even if your day is crazy busy, filled with meetings, admin work and other ‘boring’ stuff you can still make it fun! So on behalf of the team I’ve put together a list of 10 easy things that you can do no matter what else you’re doing today to help make your day even just a tiny bit more fun!


1. Meet A Stranger


Simple, right? Meet someone you’ve never met before. This can be someone in a different class from you that you don’t normally talk to, someone from the office next door that you’ve noticed about the building before or even just some random person you meet while waiting for the green man at the crossing. Strike up a conversation, ask them how their day’s going and TA-DA, you’ve just made a new friend and had fun along the way.


2. Play A Game


When was the last time you played a game? No, not candy crush; like an actual game… with another human being. Go find a friend and play! Do it now! If you only have a couple of minutes, play a couple of rounds of eye-spy or categories (Pick a simple category, take turns to say things in that category without hesitating. Whoever can’t think of something first, loses!). If you have a little bit longer, hide and seek, tag or something more formal like battleships or chess.

3. Try And Make Someone Laugh


Find a person, make them laugh. Have you ever seen someone try and make someone else laugh? It’s hilarious. Pull faces, tell dad jokes, tickle them, whatever! Just do whatever it takes to get that person giggling. You’ll both end up having fun and laughing along the way. Knock Knock. Europe. Think about it…

4. Have Something New For Lunch


Try something different for lunch today. Not the usual sandwich/salad, crisps and a drink. Mix it up completely and try something you’ve never had before in your life. This may seem easier said than done but here’s a pro tip: take inspiration from other people around you. Spend the morning asking your friends or colleagues what they’re having. When you hear something that you’ve never had before, jump to the shops and try it! Of course, you run the slight risk of not liking whatever you decide on; but at the very least, you’ve tried something new and you’ve found out something about yourself along the way!

5. Travel A Slightly Different Route


Whether you’re going to work, school or somewhere else you travel to regularly; take a slightly different route today. I don’t mean go in the opposite direction, just leave 10 minutes earlier than usual and take a few slightly different turns. You might discover something interesting, see something funny or just get to know a new area that you might not have explored before.

6. Reconnect With An Old Friend


Remember that person you met that one time in that place. You hung out together for a few months after but then your friendship groups grew apart and you’ve never really seen or heard from them since?

Message them. I dare you. Find them on social media and send them a message right now. Just say hello and ask a question! Life moves so fast and we often end up leaving people behind, albeit unintentionally.

Start a conversation with an old friend and find out what they’re up to these days!

7. Learn Something New


I always try to learn something new every day. It’s so much fun and can lead to so many interesting conversations and opportunities later on. Learn something random like how to solve a Rubik’s cube, how to fold an origami crane or how to tell the difference between a frog and a toad! Or if you only have a short amount of time, learn a random fact or two.

For example, did you know that it is considered good luck in Japan when a sumo wrestler makes your baby cry! Every day is a school day.

8. Dance!


Just dance. Dance in your house, dance in the street, dance in the office, dance on the bus! There’s a guy that lives near me and he rocks about with headphones on just dancing and singing at the top of his voice wherever he goes. He’s a terrible singer, but it’s obvious he’s having so much fun and he makes every single person that he passes smile. If you’re too embarrassed to properly go for it like that guy, why not just have a little bop to your favourite song in your desk chair.

9. See Someone In Person


Next time you’re about to text one of your friends or family something, instead, why not text them asking to meet up and tell them all about it in person. This usually doesn’t take much effort but (especially during the working week) it can be so easy to stay at home and not see anyone until the weekend. Shake things up a bit and go for a coffee, go for dinner or just hang out at each other’s house. Make time for the people in your life more often and everyone will have more fun.

10. Ice Cream


Eat some ice cream. Or if you don’t like ice cream (who doesn’t like ice cream, you animal?!) then just treat yourself to something nice. A little treat can bring a huge improvement in mood and make you smile even on the worst of days. For bonus points, share your treat with someone else and make them smile, too!


So now that you’ve been suitably armed with these 10 secret weapons to guaranteed everyday fun, go out and use them! Go and be playful, be creative and most of all HAVE FUN!


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