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We Joined Our Friends at Twinkl for a Special #TwinklTeach Chat!

By Team TOK


Earlier this week, our Speaker Stuart joined our friends at Twinkl to answer some very important questions about all things mental and physical wellbeing. We’ve collated all questions and Stuart’s responses below. Take a look!



How can we find time to exercise every day?

It’s a great question – finding time in a busy schedule can seem impossible. I find that sitting down to plan the week ahead can make a huge difference. It allows you to balance the rest of your life with a healthy and physical outlet.

But the trick answer is you don’t! Rest days are incredibly important and perhaps the most undervalued area of wellbeing. Resting allows your muscle to physically recover and grow and your mind gets time to refocus.

You’d be amazed at what you can fit into a spare 20 minute here and there!

What’s the deal with mindfulness? What is it?

It’s basically being more aware of the present moment. This makes you more grateful and hopefully less anxious! There are various techniques out there to achieve this and it can really improve quality of life and mental wellbeing.






And sometimes doing nothing – they can all help!

Speaking of mental health – talk! Not just about problems we’re having (but absolutely do talk about these), but just talking in general. Build relationships, build trust. It’s good on a collective basis for the team but also individually for our mental health.

We have a blog post to help get you started! Read ‘Why & How to get Started with Mindfulness‘ here.

I know I’m meant to drink water but I can’t find time to drink 2 – 9 litres per day!

If we can find time to drink two bottles of wine or 8 pints of lager on a night out then we can definitely find time to drink water. Its benefits are endless. Get a reusable bottle and fill it up, mark it in fifths (we all love fractions) and drink down to there every hour

In fact, get the kids involved in class. It’s then not just about getting them to drink water, it’s teaching healthy habits too!

Drinking more water is also one of Stuart’s tips for being more focus fit…

How do we resist temptations in our diet?

You don’t have to resist them completely. So long as you enjoy everything in moderation. Have some chocolate, just don’t have the whole family sized Dairy Milk Oreo bar (mmm…)

How can we stick to self-improvement plans?

The key is to aim for progress, not perfection. Aiming too high too soon creates unnecessary pressure. The process of marginal gains talks about not going from 60% to 100%, but instead up to 61% and taking it from there.

What little (1%) thing could you do to make yourself better than yesterday? This should hopefully make sticking to the plan more realistic!

Yup – excellent shout! In fact, if you find motivation is dipping finding a new gym buddy or involving a new partner can be a great way to re-energise yourself and others!


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