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Presenting TOK Research: Health and Wellbeing Surveys for Secondary Schools

By Team TOK


TOK’s brand new project, TOK Research, has been accredited to use NHS Scotland’s Warwick Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale (WEMWBS) to survey your whole school including students, staff and parents four times throughout the year. TOK’s team of psychologists will collate this data into termly and annual reports which show exactly how the school is progressing regarding their overall mental wellbeing. The collated data will also identify the aspects that are going well and can also suggest areas for improvement in the future.

Why should you use TOK Research?

o  The surveys are divided into year group and gender which helps identify trends throughout the year.

o  By assessing the impact of your current activities, you will be able to identify when you can add, change or remove interventions in the future.

o  As other schools in Scotland will also be using TOK Research, you will be able to see how your school compares to those in other regions, as well as against the national average.

Our Director and Positive Psychologist, Alice Beveridge, explains more here.

For more information on TOK Research, please email your enquiry to

Closing date for registration is 22nd of June 2018.


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