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Teacher Trophies

By Nicola Orr


Do you remember the first time you stepped into a class? Whether you were an awkward university student, a similarly awkward probationary teacher or even when you were fully qualified (in awkwardness and teaching). You were all met with the same fate – around 20 – 30 inquisitive eyes staring back at you, assessing your every move. Now, other than thinking ‘what have I done?!’ or ‘how do I get that child to stop tapping his pencil and look at me?’ you probably felt excited – putting yourself through this ordeal, determined to make a difference. Change the world. After all, teachers have the privilege of having the future in their classroom every day!

You definitely didn’t do it for the holidays, or at least if you did you were now thinking of a change in career!

Joking aside, cast your mind back to the teacher you were then. Nervous, excited, striving to impress (pupils, parents, staff, everyone really) painstakingly spending hours making your own resources only to discover that the same thing was available for free online (or worse in school). It was a one man (woman) show and from 9 am till’ 3 pm. You were it!

Are you the same teacher now? If you aren’t, how have you changed and is it for the better?

We all fall off the wagon, lose our way, look forward to the holidays. But it’s important to regain our passion, our magic, our purpose, before it’s too late! For instance – do you remember when one of your pupils said that you were ‘The Best Teacher Ever!’ (disregard that they say this to almost every teacher, every year) and think about how it made you feel. Like winning an Oscar – pride, tears, awkward speeches and all!

Or, when you were handed the most sought after, prized trophy of all time – the ‘Best Teacher’ mug. If you were lucky it might even say ‘World’s Best Teacher’ on it, with which you could smugly sip tea/coffee/gin from this in the staffroom, watching your colleagues glare in envy at such an accomplishment!

Nowadays you may have a cupboard filled with these ‘teacher trophies’ or you may sigh and smile politely when you hear another child mention that you really are ‘the best teacher ever!’ but it shouldn’t make it any less significant or special. Make sure you uphold your title. Prove that you’ve earned it. Maybe playing R.Kelly in the background is a step too far… maybe a pupil did say it to distract you from the fact that they hadn’t written a single thing in an hour…

As teachers, we are fortunate enough to play an incredibly important role in the lives of our pupils each day. Don’t ever take that for granted. Show them that your lessons are worth tuning in to EVERYDAY, even when they’re doing fractions! Don’t let the educational grind get you down. As overwhelming as it can be sometimes, your pupils are your priority. They need YOU! Magic, sparkles, Oscar – winning YOU! Inspire them and create a lasting impact on their learning for all the right reasons!

Hold your ‘teacher trophies’ up high and with pride. Be ‘The BEST Teacher Ever!’ because you ARE!

Now, don’t you have a show to host and an award ceremony to attend?!

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  • James Rodgers May 12, 2018

    Great post Nicola! Sometimes you forget and it’s nice to be reminded 🙂

  • jyothi May 10, 2018

    i still remember the first day of my teaching class, i was si much nervous that i over spoke, i spoke continuously on the topic for half an hour, trying to prove myself to be the best. Today I am more relaxed while I teach.

  • jyothi May 10, 2018

    lovely!! You just poured my heart out, i still remember the first day first class i taught, i wanted to prove myself so much, that i spoke or rather say over spoke for half an hour continously on the topic, teaching, cracking jokes, giving examples and what not..

  • Fiona May 9, 2018

    I always joke about how grumpy I already am as a teacher. This post inspires me to do better! ☺️ More posts from this super woman please!

  • Angela May 9, 2018

    Well done Nicola brilliant & true comment xx I am a nervous but loving being a Probationer Teacher 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💖

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