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The Sunday Fear…

By Ian Noble

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It’s Sunday night, bath night.  The theme tune to ‘Heartbeat’ fills the room which can mean only one thing, the weekend is officially over and tomorrow… is Monday.  What are your thoughts?

Put yourself in that situation right now. Your hair’s still wet, the shampoo and conditioner aroma still lingers. On the TV that weird guy from Heartbeat, Greengrass, is complaining about his hedge clippers being stolen which launches into a full-scale nation-wide manhunt.

But seriously, what’s your thought process?  Are you happily reflecting on a weekend well spent or do you have it? (Cue the dramatic music)…  The Fear!

I’m not talking about the Sunday morning Fear when you wake up snuggled up next to a doner kebab with all the trimmings and a house full of empties wondering who’s lipstick is on your forehead.

I’m talking about that Fear of what’s to come, that Fear that tomorrow you need to wake up at a time you don’t want to, commute to a place where you don’t want to go and work with people you don’t even want to talk to.

I get that may be a bleak picture to paint. After all, ‘it’s only the first five days after the weekend that are the hardest’.  For some though, it’s a reality.  For most, at least part of it is a reality.  So where does the Fear come from?

Humans are innately forward thinking.  For example, if you ask people whether they prefer Friday or Sunday, most would say Friday.  Even though it’s a work day, even though 8 hours of it is spent doing something that you wouldn’t necessarily choose to do if you didn’t have to.  We get that ‘Friday feeling’ because yes, we got to the end of the week without drop-kicking the guy that keeps parking in your space, but also because of the hope about what delights the next two days might bring.

It’s why religions are the biggest institutions in the world, why the build-up to Christmas is better than the actual day or why every country in the World Cup believes that they could cause an upset. Hope.

So why do we get the Fear on Sunday night then?  Why do some people get depressed at the thought of starting a new week?

Taking out 8 hours a night for sleep there are 16 hours in a day, that’s 112 a week.  Greengrass starts complaining about his hedge cutters at 7pm kicking off our Fear, and chances are if you get The Fear you hate Monday and battle your way through until you clock off at 5pm. That’s 14 hours spent awake with the Fear and hating Monday.  That’s 14 hours feeling unhappy, miserable and pessimistic. 14 hours of moaning about something that is going to happen anyway whether you moan about it or not.  728 hours a year.  That’s over 30 full days.  A whole month! Moaning. Miserable.  Pessimistic.

Imagine turning that Fear, that distress, all that negative thought into hope.  Hope and optimism for what the week ahead could bring.  The opportunities, the chances, the time to do something awesome.

I don’t have the answers.  I don’t know why we get the fear.  I don’t know why some people spend 20% of their working week battling through a day just because it’s the first one of the week.

I could guess!  The majority of people aren’t happy in their work.  For some it might be a genuinely crap job, others might hate their work because it comes from necessity rather than desire.  Then there’s those who just love to moan about stuff. You know who they are, and if you don’t, it’s you!

If the average person starts fearing Mondays at the age of 16 and stops when they retire at 65 they’ll have spent 364 days of their lives in a state of negativity.  Give or take for holidays etc but that’s almost a year of your life.

Your mindset when you wake up on a Monday is down to you.  Your attitude on a Sunday night is up to you.  It’s a choice.

Start thinking about the positives and possibilities and for goodness sake, stop watching Heartbeat!



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1 Comment

  • Lyandra November 5, 2017

    Interesting article! I think fear is generally generated from the unknown…
    From my personal life experience, I used to have ‘The Sunday Night fear’, I used to worry about things that hadn’t even happened and only thought of the worst that could go wrong in the coming week. I think if you change your thinking, it sets off a chain of events. Someone once told me live life each day as if it was your last, and when you wake up in the morning, give thanks for your Life. After I Started thinking like this, my life became better. I was able to sleep better and be very productive in my work and personal life. So if we change our thoughts this is the key to setting off for a great week ahead.

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