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Let’s TOK Grove

By Dougie Clark


Have you ever wondered why other schools or organisations use Tree of Knowledge?  Rather than us telling you why you would or should consider using our company, we thought we would share with you the thoughts of our wonderful clients instead. We were delighted that Graham Hutton, Headteacher of Grove Academy in Broughty Ferry agreed to be our first ‘voice’ of this brand new feature.



TOK Case Study

Name: Graham Hutton

School: Grove Academy

Position: Headteacher



Q. How long have you worked with TOK and how would you sum up the service received over that time?

A. I have worked with TOK for over 12 years in 3 different schools.  The company provides a motivating and inspirational service and enables schools to help develop pupils’ self-confidence and aspirational focus.


Q. How does TOK help your school strive for excellence?

A. By making the pupils see their challenges from a different perspective, by leading them to think “out of the box”, TOK helps us make our pupils aim for the four capacities.


Q. It’s difficult to quantify the impact made through ‘soft skills’. How do you measure the impact/results that TOK have upon your pupils, staff and school as a whole?

A. The contribution TOK makes to our school is extremely helpful in creating a positive ethos, based on our school Values.  TOK is an important part of the jigsaw of support we offer pupils in terms of their health and well-being, academic progress, confidence and resilience. TOK supports our challenges with GIRFEC, HNIOS and HGIOS? 4.


Q. With the current financial situation being as it is, why do you continue to bring TOK in to the school?

A. In prioritising the resources for the school, the contribution and impact of TOK is worth more than just the financial considerations. This is value for money and the feedback from pupils is consistently high.  Our S3 Taste the Industry course, which we helped pioneer, was the best TOK we have pursued, allowing extremely positive feedback from pupils, staff and parents and raising their awareness of the importance of employability skills.


Q. What message would you give to schools who are considering using our services but are unsure?

A. I would commend all schools to get involved with TOK.  Our high expectations have always been met readily and the company’s thrust gels well with the aspirations of our school in moving Curriculum for Excellence forward.


Thanks Mr Hutton for a very insightful read!  We’re delighted to have a fantastic 12 year partnership with you which will continue to increase.  We’re looking for that number to be at least 24 years though Graham, we hope you’re not planning on retiring within the next 12 years?!  Would you like to share your thoughts with other schools up and down the country? If so, please get in touch.



Did Ronnie spark your interest? If you would like to discuss the motivational workshops that we at Tree of Knowledge can deliver in your school, please get in touch! We’ll be happy to talk to you!