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10 fun & quick Christmas activities for your class

Christmas is a time for celebration, gratitude and reflection. The team of motivational experts, psychologists and former teachers at Tree of Knowledge have put together a list of 10 quick and simple exercises that require no preparation at all, to use with your class in the build-up to the Christmas break.
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Each activity allows pupils time to reflect on 2022, spread love and positivity, and have some fun with each other in lively discussion, or take some time out for individual thinking.

Two of the activities come directly from Treehouse, our online mental health & wellbeing platform. 

Why not do one each morning as a way to start the day with some positive energy?

10 Fun & Festive Classroom Activities

3-word Happy Stories: It’s been another whirlwind year. Reflecting on 2022, write a happy story using only 3 words. If you’re really struggling, get as close to 3 as possible!

One present for the world: If you could give one present to every single person in the world, what would it be and why? Discuss!

‘Tis the season to be Jolly: Christmas is a time for spreading joy. Write down three kind things on slips of paper and give them to people today. Watch their faces light up!

The magic of Christmas (from TREEHOUSE): The Christmas period is a time for gathering family and friends. This can be fun or overwhelming, but it can also be an opportunity to develop your social skills. Check out this Treehouse module ‘Sleightly Different’ and Colin will talk you through how to do a couple of a magic tricks to try out on your loved ones. You’ll need a screen to share this with your class – click here to get started.

Design your own Christmas Jumper: Don’t worry, there’s no knitting involved! Think of all of your favourite things about Christmas and use them to inspire your own personal Christmas jumper design! Go crazy!

Super skills: We’re good at thinking of things that we’re not good at but think about and share a “Super Skill” you have – something that comes naturally to you. How have you used it this year? How can you use this more in daily life?

Awesome Oscars: Reflecting on this school year, who from your school community has kept you right? (could be a friend, teacher). Now design them a certificate that visually illustrates why you’re grateful for them.

Santa’s Little Helper: Christmas is exciting for many, but for some it can be difficult or lonely. Think about someone you know who might struggle this Christmas and come up with ways you could show kindness to them.

A Christmas to Save the planet: Celebrations are great, but can be wasteful (think wrapping, food, unwanted gifts etc). Have a think about and share ideas of ways that you could make Christmas kinder to the planet.

We wish you a Mindful Christmas (from TREEHOUSE): In all the excitement of the build-up to Christmas, you might be feeling a wee bit overwhelmed. In this Treehouse module, Gavin Oattes leads you through a 15-minute mindfulness meditation exercise. You can play this for your class – all they’ll need is space on the floor or a chair. You’ll need a device (sound only) to share this with your class – click here to get started.

We hope you have a fantastic and well-deserved break, and we look forward to working with you in 2023.

The TOK Team x 

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